Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Challenge Update Day TWO

Today is Day TWO of my mini challenge for myself. I've challenged myself to use only the small palettes (duos, trios, quads, etc.) that I store in a plastic drawer in my makeup room for one month. After a month I will decide which palettes to hold onto, and which to give away or throw out.

I didn't want to add any colors from my other palettes to my eye look this time, so I chose to use the Wet n Wild 8 pan palette called "Flirting at the After Party", and then I added the NYC Individual Eyes palette in "938 Union Square" so that I had some matte nudes that I could use for defining the crease and blending the look out.
The look worked just fine, but I'm not certain I need to keep either of these palettes. We'll see....

Monday, October 13, 2014

Challenge Update Day ONE

Today was Day One of my Mini Challenge I've set for myself. I want to use all the small palettes I have in my small palettes drawer for my main eye shadows for one whole month. That way I can really weed through them, and decide what's worth keeping, and what I could get rid of or give away to someone else.

Today I used my Lancome "Pretty Pretty" palette and I'm so glad I have rediscovered this little quad! I love these colors for fall, I use the pink on the inner 2 thirds of the lid, and then that dark purple in the outer V and into the crease.  I used the Wet n Wild trio in "I'm Feeling Retro in my eye look today as well. I used the top color (a shimmery white) for the tear ducts and to highlight *just* under the arch of the brow. As for that palette, I can't say I NEED it, so if I find that i have those colors in other palettes, that's one I'll probably let go of.
I did use some matte browns from my Naked palette to define the crease a bit, and I used a matte cream color from the ItsJudyTime palette as my brow highlight, but the main look was created using these two small palettes.

Lancome "Pretty Pretty" Palette
Wet n Wild "I'm Feeling Retro" Trio

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mini Challenge 1 - Use Your Small Palettes!!

So I've decided to set some challenges for myself to help myself get more use out of all my makeup. I get so stuck in a rut, using specific products, that other products go untouched forever. I want to start using more of my makeup, so that I will know for sure that they are products worth keeping. If I use them and don't care for them, I will put them into the give away/throw away pile straight away- no more hoarding!!

My first challenge will be to use the small makeup palettes that I accumulate and keep in a plastic drawer - Wet n Wild trios and small palettes (both the 8 pan and the newer 5 pan ones), some quads from various brands, a few of those Maybelline quads, I think there are even a few duos in the drawer.

This drawer is about 4 palettes deep, if that makes sense - you can only see the top layer in the pic, but there's about 3 or 4 layers in there. This is the only eyeshadow I can use this month, UNLESS it is for a special occasion, or for Halloween when I may need specific colors that aren't in one of these palettes. After I've done this for 4 weeks, I'll decide which of these I will keep, and which ones I'll give to friends and family. If they are junk, I'll toss them, or put them in the little girls' dress up :)

Wish me luck, and let me know if you plan on doing any challenges yourself in the comments below!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Quick Spring Nail Polish Giveaway!

It's supposedly spring. I say supposedly, because there hasn't been a single week YET that hasn't dipped into the 30's at least for a day or two. In fact, we had a friggin' SNOW STORM two nights ago. That isn't spring. SO! I thought maybe if I did a spring giveaway, with beautiful spring colored nail polishes, maybe it would not just cheer me up, but also coax spring into existence!

This is just a quick giveaway that wasn't really planned, but I really want to do something spring-like to give my spirit a little oomph! I'll be giving away 3 Pure Ice nail polishes this go-round. The Grand Prize Winner will receive my two very favorite Pure Ice polishes for spring - Happy Hour, and Home Run. The Runner Up Winner will receive a Pure Ice glitter polish called Spit Fire.

My camera is acting up right now, so I grabbed some pics online of the colors.

Happy Hour

Thank you to WorkPlayPolish.com for this picture- what a beautiful manicure!

Home Run

Thanks to CanvasNails.blogspot.com for this picture - great job, I love all your creative manicures!

Spit Fire

If you would like to win the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment down in the comment section, and follow this blog, if you haven't already :) Winners will be chosen on April 30th.  I'll edit the giveaway post to add the names of the winners, so don't forget to check back in!

I can only mail within the USA at this time, sorry to my international readers :(

Good Luck!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hits and Misses: Spring 2014 Edition!

First of all, I apologize for not doing a February Hits and Misses. I intended to, but when I sat down to write it out, I realized that there wasn't a single product that hadn't been mentioned in the previous month's favorites. So it just seemed silly to type it all up again, and bore
you guys. I thought I'd just wait a month and then do a spring edition of my monthly favorites (and fails). So some of the products mentioned aren't just my favorites from this last month, they're products I love to reach for in the spring time :)

As always, I'll start with the good news - my hits, and I'll put the bad news - my misses - at the end of the post :) There are a LOT of products this time, y'all, so maybe go grab a cuppa and settle in for a bit!


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in #440 "Punch Drunk" - I've totally jumped on the Pantone color of the year (Radiant Orchid) bandwagon and this polish is a gorgeous orchid color, perfect for adding a pop of beautiful bright color to your outfit!
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in #826 "Pique Side" - this is a beautiful mint green. I wear a lot of pastels in the spring, and I have quite a few mint green pieces in my wardrobe, and this color coordinates very nicely with those. Or it gives me a nice pop of spring when I'm wearing a more neutral outfit! 
Revlon #610 "Charismatic" - This is a really nice coral color, which is probably my favorite spring color of them all! I wore this nail polish almost every day last spring lol!

Covergirl Outlast "Salt Water Taffy" - This is a hard color to describe, and I think it's MUCH prettier on the nails with two coats, than it is in the bottle, or with one coat. It's a pastel yellowish green, and it SCREAMS spring! I predict I'll be wearing this one a LOT this year! I really like the Covergirl nail polish formula as well.
This picture does NOT show the true color! It's much more pastel in real life.

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in "Fair" - when the weather is warmer (which is a whoppin' ONE day a week right now lol) I prefer to use a BB cream, and while I've read that a lot of people dislike this one, it works really well for me. The product comes out of the tube a white color, but matches to your skin tone when you apply it to the skin, it's light and feels great. It evens out my skin tone, and with concealer it is plenty of coverage for me. My only problem is I can never find it in the "fair" shade. Either everyone buys it, or they never stock it!

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in "Shell" - this is SUCH a popular foundation in the beauty community, and I've watched beauty gurus in YouTube videos use it for years and years, but I've never tried it for myself. I finally found it in my shade at a CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet). At regular price it's far too pricey for me personally, but it was quite discounted so I decided to try it out. I absolutely ADORE it! I love the finish, I love how easy it is to apply, I love how much coverage it gives you, it's just an awesome foundation! I'm so glad I could find it!
Wet n Wild (Fergie Collection) Take on the Day mattifying powder - this is a light reflecting powder that also absorbs oils and keeps your face nice and matte. I use it under my eyes to set my concealer, and I love the effect of the light reflecting powder. I sometimes use it on my whole face, especially for pictures, because it gives a really pretty air brushed effect. It's said to be a dupe for the Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder. I've talked to some girls who have both, and they agree that it's pretty darn close, except of course for packaging. The packaging is too bulky (as is pretty much the entire Fergie line) which is a shame, but the product is great!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - I've tried a million and one dupes of the Beauty Blender sponge, hoping to find one that works as well but isn't $20 for a sponge! And there finally IS one! I would definitely consider the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to be a dupe for the Beauty Blender. I'll do a more in depth review separately, but I actually like the RT one BETTER, and it's only like $6! SCORE!

Milani Baked Blush in "Delizioso Pink" - The Milani baked blushes are probably my favorite blush line ever, and they have some new matte shades! "Delizioso Pink" is gorgeous for spring, it's a really pretty matte Barbie pink. This blush is CRAZY pigmented, so use a light hand if you try it out!

MAC Archie's girl blush in "Veronica's Blush" - When I was traveling recently I found a Cosmetics Company Outlet, and I immediately began searching for ANYTHING from the Archie's Girls collection by MAC. When the Archie's Girls collection originally was released, I wasn't able to get anything before it had sold out, and I had been so disappointed! But at the CCO I was able to find the "Veronica's Blush" which is a light highlighter shade with bright pink hearts (the hearts alone are matte) which - swirled together - make a light pink shade with a pearl finish. It's pretty, but to be honest, I would have bought it regardless of the shade, as long as it had Archie and the gang on the packaging LOL! They had a nail polish there too, but it didn't have any picture on the actual bottle so I passed on that one!

L'Oreal Infallible eye shadow in "Burst Into Bloom"- This is a gorgeous "radiant orchid" color, so I've been kind of obsessed with it lately! It's really beautiful, VERY pigmented, and it's a great color for spring. Very bright and cheery. 

Lancome Color Design quad in "Pretty Pretty" - I love these quad so much, I've worn it pretty much every single day since I got it! It has a light mauvy cream satin shade, a medium mauvy brown with shimmer, a pink shimmery shade, and a deep plum shimmery shade. they work SO well together, and blend beautifully! I love it so much, it's probably my favorite product of ALL my favorites in this blog post! I'm so glad I bought it, because I hesitated a LOT.
The pink is a little brighter in real life, it's a little washed out in this pic
Ulta Gel eye liners - I really like the Ulta brand gel eyeliner pencils a lot, they're great quality and they have a lot of great color options! The one in the picture is "Peacock" which is a teal green, it reminds me of a mermaid for some reason lol! I like it for spring, it's bright and beautiful!
L'Oreal Lash Out Butterfly mascara in "Blackest Black" - This mascara works SO well with my lashes, I love the formula. I have to kind of fiddle with the brush, turning it this way and that way, to get the best results, but when I DO, I get amazing lashes!

I love wearing bright, beautiful lip colors in the spring time, so I have quite a few lip products this time around! I'm not sure why I bother, since my lips seem to practically absorb lip color on the spot, so it's gone in the blink of an eye, but I still love lip products!
Revlon Lipstick in "Snow Peach"- this is one of the shades in Revlon's new Legacy Collection, in which they are doing a limited edition, limited quality re-release of 5 different shades (voted on by fans!) that have been popular throughout the decades. Snow Peach was originally released in 1956. .It is a pinky coral color, which is my favorite color for spring lips!

Revlon Lipstick in "Lover's Coral"- This is more of a peachy coral color, a little more subdued, but still really pretty for spring! Perfect for when you want a bit more of a natural look, but you still want a bit of color. 

NYX Butter Lipsticks in "Snow Cap" and "Little Suzie" - I was really excited to finally try out these new lipsticks from NYX - I am loving the formulation! Very moisturizing and easy to wear. The "Snow Cap" shade is a beautiful nude that goes great with my skin tone, and the "Little Suzie" shade is a bright pinky coral that SCREAMS spring! LOVE <3
Snow Cap is the second lipstick (going from left to right) and Little Suzie is the fifth.

Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm in "Showy" - this is a bright pink matte balm, and I looooove it! It lasts a long time on my lips, but it isn't super drying like a lot of mattes can be. This is a super bright shade, so you have to really commit to wearing it lol, instead if it wearing you! But it's really beautiful, especially paired with the right gloss.

Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in "Coral Reef" - This is just a really pretty coral lip gloss that I use to top off all my various coral lip sticks, regardless of whether it's a bright coral, a more peachy one, a darker shade...they all look great with this coral gloss! It's more sheer than most of my glosses, which I like because it still lets the lipstick show through.

Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss (from the Spiderman collection) in "Killer-Watt" - This is a pinky-red shade with what appears to be a gold duo-chrome shimmer in it - it is GORGEOUS. I bought the blue one in the collection as well, but haven't tried it yet. This one, however, is stunning. The spiderweb packaging is pretty cool as well!
NYX Butter Gloss in "Fortune Cookie" - this is now one of my very favorite nude lip glosses. I actually meant to buy Creme Brule, and grabbed this instead, because they are very similar. This one is SO perfect for my skin tone, that I can't imagine liking Creme Brule any better than Fortune Cookie. It's just a great formula, nice pigmentation, really pretty product :)

OMG, can you believe I finally reached the end of my Hits for this month?? Holy Cow, there were a TON! But I really couldn't leave any of them out, I love them all so much! Now let's get into the Misses...

Misses :(
As always, please don't be offended if I dislike something that you really like. People look for different things in their products, so what I may look for in an eye shadow to consider it a hit, might be the very thing you hate! Not to mention different skin types react differently to different products. You may love something I hate, and vice versa; or maybe something will break me out, but it works great for you, this is just my personal opinion, which we all know is worth about 2 cents lol.
If you have any suggestions on using these products, that could perhaps help me enjoy them a bit more, please sure them in the comment section below :)
These are the products that I found disappointing this past month....

BHCosmetics "Eyes on the '60's" eyeshadow palette - I so badly wanted to love this palette :( I got it off Hautelook at a discounted price, thank goodness, because it's definitely not worth full price! It's really pretty to look at, very cool packaging, but I just found the eye shadows to be completely lacking in quality. Poor pigmentation, powdery, difficult to work with...I was bummed about it. I've just come to expect more from this company :( I know a lot of people on YouTube seemed to really love this palette, so maybe my expectations were set too high, who knows.
Wet n Wild color icon baked eyeshadow palette - First off, this was originally released in 2011, and was called "Baking a Cake". When they released it this time around, they didn't name it. Annoying. Anyway, I LOVE Wet n Wild eye shadows, as a rule, but this palette is absolutely TERRIBLE. I tried it dry, I tried it wet, I did everything I could think of to make it work, but I could NOT get any pigmentation out of these shadows. And the packaging is the junkiest packaging ever. It was awful. Absolute crap.
Wet n Wild Mega Last Liquid Lip color - I can honestly say these are the worst lip products I've ever put on my lips in my entire life. It literally makes me shudder to even think about the way this product feels on the lips *GAG*. I bought 3 or 4 of them, thinking they looked so pretty, but when you put them on they feel really dry and filmy, like you put white out on your lips, or something like that. They feel SO gross and disgusting. They crack and peel - ugh, gross. And the bits that don't peel or flake off your lips won't come OFF your lips! I had to scrub and scrub and scrub, to get the rest of the product off poor lips! Worst product ever.
That's a wrap for this special SPRING edition of my Hits and Misses, I hope you guys enjoyed them, and hey - if you're still reading this incredibly long post, I commend you for your determination lol! If you do monthly favorites on your blog or YouTube channel, please post your blog or channel URL in the comments section, because I'd love to check them out!

Talk to you all soon! MWAH!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

GIANT Lippie Haul!

I don't usually post hauls, but I have added a lot of lippies to my collection since the start of 2014, so I thought I'd share with you all what new lipsticks, glosses, and lip pencils I've gotten! These weren't all purchased in a single shopping trip, it's a combo of quite a few trips, basically since Christmas! Also some of these were gifts from friends and family, or sent for review. I wanted to make that clear, so I didn't seem like a shopaholic LOL.

Okay, intro over, let's get into the lippie haul! This is a list of every single lipstick, gloss, or liner that I have purchased or received since Christmas!

Nyx Butter lipsticks
Snow Cap - Love it! Great nude for my complexion.
Fizzies - Great spring coral shade, I really like it!
Little Suzie - Another great shade for spring - this one is a bit more pink coral while Fizzies has more of an orange/tangerine type base to the coral color!

Simply Vera Wang Lipstick
#703 (no name - how dull!)  -beautiful nude color, probably one of my favorite nudes I have

Wet n Wild (black packaging) Lipsticks
Bare it All - basic nude, low price yet good quality
Think Pink - SUPER opaque medium toned pink, not very flattering on me
Dollhouse Pink - Again, REALLY opaque, cool toned pink- not flattering at all on me
Rose Bud - a dark mauve, very pretty
Don't Blink Pink - hot pink berry shade, pretty for a dramatic lip

Wet n Wild Fergie Lipsticks
V.I.Pink - cool toned Barbie pink
Fuchsianista - dark fuchsia pink, nearly red (cool toned) - pretty for nights out

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks
Snow Peach - LOVE! Pretty peachy pink for spring/summer
Lover's Coral - Pretty coral, feels really moisturizing on the lips
Jungle Peach - this is a true peach color, very unique

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick
Lavender Voltage - BRIGHT purple, I love wearing purple lips! Love this color

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss
Electro-Shock - from the Spiderman collection, this is a blue sparkly lip gloss that's a lot bluer than I thought it would be! Not sure if I'll wear it much, but I like it!
Killer-Watt - also from the Spiderman collection, this is a dark pink/red with sparkles, it's very pretty

NYX Butter Gloss
Fortune Cookie - I love this nude gloss over a nude lipstick, it's a great nude for my skin tone
Devil's Food Cake - this is a really deep burgundy/wine color, which I love to wear on my lips

Hard Candy Lip Lacquer
Midnight Stroll - this is a BRIGHT purple. It's quite pigmented, not sure when I'll ever use it! 

NYX Lip Liner
Currant  - This is a deep burgundy that is perfect for when I do a really dark lip

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Skin Care Routine - Morning Edition!

FINALLY, after many many years of trial and error, I have found a pretty good skin care routine that keeps my skin clear (save the random break out I usually get just before the dreaded "Aunt Flo" visit) and I thought I'd share- not just to fulfill my readers' curiosity, but also to remind MYSELF what actually works, when I inevitably switch it all up on a whim, and end up spotted like a pepperoni pizza. I always do that to myself, *sigh*.
I'm going to split this into two categories - my morning routine, and my night time routine. Common sense indicates I'll start with my morning routine....because I'm logical that way!

My Morning Routine
The very first thing I do in the morning is apply a lip balm. My lips are always so dry, that I want to give the balm the longest time possible to moisturize them before I apply lipstick. The balm I usually use in the morning is the Fresh Sugar lip treatment.

I don't thoroughly wash my face in the mornings - I find it dries my skin out too much if I do that - but I do use a makeup remover wipe to just freshen up my skin before applying makeup. It removes any dirt and excess oils that built up while I slept, and I find it makes my makeup stay on longer when I do this step.
I just use the cheap Equate brand makeup wipes for this step. I buy the twin pack, to save a few pennies!

I use my Garnier Ultra Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Roller to help counteract the puffiness I wake up with (only under my right eye, for whatever reason!) and if the puffiness is really extreme and I'm going somewhere that I want to look particularly polished for, I'll apply some Preparation H cream on my undereye bag, to shrink it a bit.

Then I apply my day moisturizer, the Olay Age Defying 2 in 1 Anti Wrinkle day cream + serum, and my eye cream, 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream.

At this point I just let everything soak in and dry for a few minutes. If I apply makeup too soon after moisturizer, everything is all slippy slidey. Once I feel like everything is soaked in, and my face is relatively dry, I invite makeup to the party, and the fun really begins!

That's the end of my morning skin care routine! Stay tuned, because I'll be posting my night time routine next, which is a fair bit more complicated lol!

Please let me know in the comments section if you have any requests for future blog posts, or any questions about my morning routine! TTYL :)